Low cost, high value, always available, property training & support to help you get started, develop new skills and scale your property business. 

Platform features

  • Online videos available 24/7/365

    24/7 Access to any training program 

  • Categorised property investment education

    Learn exactly what you need at your own pace

  • All resources, contracts, templates included

    You'll find all the contracts, templates and other resources needed to start. 

  • Mobile friendly

    Available on any device: Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Computer. 

What you get

  • Affordable access to property investment education and community support ensuring any capital you do have is invested into starting and scaling your property business

  • 100% online content means you can consume training when convenient for you, revisit whenever you need to and not have to travel to discovery days, workshops and seminars

  • Don’t spend thousands on training courses before being certain of the path you want to take

  • Follow courses for a step by step blueprint or search for specific topics you’re interested in learning more about

7 Steps to Deal Packaging Success

The full system that Goliath Solutions uses in its deal packaging business.

Sourcing Deals In A Virtual World

A mini course on how to continue with your property business during a lock down


Deal Analysis Masterclass

Deal Analysis Masterclass


Sourcing the Deal

Secure deals properly with the right process and paperwork (All contract templates included)


Finding Investors

Every deal packaging business needs investors. Here we show you how to find them, how to make sure they're the right fit (investor due diligence) and how to work with them for maximum success


Hiring & Working with VAs

To scale your business you're going to need to outsource tasks and roles in your business. You can start hiring immediately, or wait until the time's right. Either way, this dedicated module will guide you on the hiring process, where to find team members and how to vet them to find the right ones for your business


Deal Packaging Workshops

We have been teaching people how to build successful deal packaging businesses since 2016 including workshops and trainings dedicated to certain topics. In the Deal Packaging Bundle you get access to all these previous recordings and sessions. 


Property Investing Bootcamp (March 2021) Training Videos

Training Videos from the Property Investing Kickstart 30-day Bootcamp held on March 2021


12 Months Access to

Goliath's Deal Packaging Bundle

Goliath's Deal Packaging Bundle


Video courses, mini-trainings lessons and workshops

Resources, contracts & templates

Community Support

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Deal Packaging Bundle...

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There's so much detail

“Training is structured and there’s so much detail”

“Can just dip in so anytime I came to a stage in the process I just had to find the relevant training for that step”


Not like a seminar where...you leave with your head spinning

“I like the video training as it’s not like a seminar where they just ram it down your throat for three days and you leave with your head spinning”


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Property TV
Property Geek Podcast

12 Months Access to

Goliath's Deal Packaging Bundle

Goliath's Deal Packaging Bundle


Video courses, mini-trainings lessons and workshops

Resources, contracts & templates

Community Support


Is the training drip fed? 

How do I access my training? 

I’m right at the start of my property journey, will the Deal Packaging Bundle be right for me?

I’ve been sourcing deals for a while, will the Deal Packaging bundle be right for me?

I’m sourcing deals primarily to build my own portfolio. Is the Deal Packaging Bundle right for me?

What strategies do the lessons cover? 

Does the Deal Packaging Bundle include access to resources, templates, contracts? 

Why is your training so cheap compared to everyone else? 

Do you offer 1:1 mentoring / coaching? 

I have another question that isn’t answered here, who do I contact?